Phillip Nolley


artist statement





artist statement

     My work has not evolved through meticulous planning but rather by intuitive, free-spirited play. This practice of free play lends itself to many surprises and disappointments that help maintain excitement within the structured framework needed to attain craftsmanship and technical excellence.

     The current body of work embraces this spirit of improvisational free play through the use of new glass color applications and carving techniques. These techniques produce active surface patterns that help generate a dynamic relationship between design and form. The random exposure of previously hidden color patterns created by the carving process also adds a layer of visual and tactile richness. My intention with this marriage of freeform design and random surface treatment is to reference artifactual objects through a contemporary style, creating connections that reach deep into our visual experiences for timeless human themes.

    All glass objects are either blown using traditional techniques or cast using pate de verre techniques. The surface carvings include cameo techniques such as wheel engraving, sandblasting and diamond point engraving.